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“It will show you how to apply and for best result apply 1 full tube and seal with saran wrap for 1 full hr!”

—International School of Body Art

“It last for 4 hours and more, my numbness wore of in like 6 to 8 hours, it works great,?its a helpful stuff.”

—Fatima of Princess Beauty Lounge

“How to numb your skin for Laser Hair Removal Use Dr Number for tattoos Use of numbing cream”

—Lewis Belddock, New York

“Fantastic product, Dr. Numb repairs facial skin and gives us relief from using painful lasers. “

—Michael Huff, Nevada

“DrNumb.co this is where i ordered my tubes from give it a shot it works.”

—Brandon McKnight, California

“Mom recommends using Dr. Numb when getting tattoos and piercings”

—Bryon Cooley’s mom, Arizona

“Feeling much better by using drnumb!!Now will never get the tattoo without drnumb”

—DR NUMB Amazing Testimonial 2!

“We at Enhance studio use Dr.Numb product before any treatments that may cause discomfort to our clients.”

—Enhance Studio, Vernon,BC

“This prodcut is by far the best numbing cream in the industry. drnumb rocks! The result is a pain free and pleasant experience!”

—Daniel Zimmerman, Virginia

“For best results, apply before 2 hrs & very thick on the area, and wrap it with plastic wrap”

—Jorblan Romero, Florida

“Using Dr Numb for tattoos with zero pain result and great experience”

—David Christensen, Utah

“14 hr tattoo no pain with DR.NUMB finished product!!!!”

—DR NUMB Amazing Testimonial!

“By applying the Dr. Numb to the area 1 hour prior, the client has a much more comfortable.”

—Enhance Studio in Vernon, BC

“Dr numb really works !! It causes no pain. Use and experience it.”

—Dr Numb Review

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