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No one likes shots. Kids don’t like getting them. Parents don’t like watching their kids receive shots, and believe it or not, Pediatricians and nurses don’t really like ordering and giving shots to kids.


Of course, they are necessary though. Children need their vaccinations and kids with chronic medical problems, like diabetes, need their regular shots of insulin. Dealing with the pain from shots is also a problem for children who have to get regular shots of growth hormone, such as girls with Turner Syndrome, and other children with growth hormone deficiency, and kids who get allergy shots.


One way to decrease the pain from immunizations is to simply give fewer shots. That doesn’t mean that your child won’t be fully vaccinated though. Instead, you just ask for some of the newer combination shots, which combine two or more vaccines into a single shot.


For those entire mom’s and dad’s that dread blood work for their children there is a light at the end of the tunnel.


Dr. Numb Numbing Cream for Shots.
Here is a true story of one of our customer who does used Dr Numb Numbing Cream for her daughter shots.


"My daughter has CAH due to the 21 hydroxyls deficiency. (Salt water) She is 7 and half years old this month, and was diagnosed at birth. The first blood draw had to be taken from her head because her veins were so tiny. Needless to say, not only did she cry but so did I. It was torturous to watch my child go through this. When she was about 3 years old I found a post about EMLA cream here. There are others out there and they are called "lidocaine cream" or some other names it has.  It was the answer to my prayers. Holding down an infant or toddler makes them crazy. That adds to the pain of the draw too. So I got a prescription from her endo, and applied it. So happy I was. BUT my daughter didn’t understand that this magical cream as we called it would not let the "shot" hurt. So she cried the first time we used it. I was so disappointed. There was a day she would cling to me as we approached the lab. Then there was a day she pleaded with her little sweet face, with the lady behind the desk in the lab, then with the lab tech. I think she made each of them tear up because she was so sweet. She would say, "Pewees’ can you not give me a shot today?"It killed me and everyone around her. I just kept reassuring her it wouldn’t hurt and that this would keep her healthy. It took some time and some built trust each time we went, AND a whole lot of prayers. In time, she started to trust that the cream really was magical. I will never forget the day we went for her blood work and she smiled through it. Today she is even cocky as she hopes up there and puts out her arm. We howl. SO, to all those who may be enduring the pain of holding them down and watching them sob over blood work, there is a light at the end of that tunnel. DR NUMB cream! Ask your pediatrician. About getting this. They told me that one of the blood tests I think the OHP can be off if the child is in hysterics. Another reason to get something to calm them. I also used to make it a day out when she had blood work done. We went to the gift shop, and cruised the hospital to see all the fun stuff that her Children’s Hospital had for the kids and then on to McDonalds for lunch. Always positive trips. Always concentrating on the fun instead of the blood work."


If you can’t get rid of the shot, then you can at least try to stop the shot from hurting. This is where a numbing cream, like EMLA comes in. When applied to the skin about an hour before the shot is given, it will numb the skin and reduce or eliminate any pain the shot might cause.
Available with a prescription as a cream or single use Disc for easy placement, parents can apply it at home before going to their Pediatrician to get vaccines or before they are to get other shots. Ask your Pediatrician and review the placement diagram that comes with your prescription so that you put the EMLA in the right place.


The only downside is that it ads to the cost of your visit, although a generic version of the cream is available and makes it a little less expensive. Also, not all Pediatricians actively recommend it and may even consider it to be an inconvenience. If you ask for your prescription in advance and put it on yourself before the visit, you should be able to convince your Pediatrician to write you a prescription.



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