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Numbing cream for piercings

We all love body piercings and decorating them with hip body jewelry of all forms and colors but what stops most of us from actually going ahead and getting our tongue, navel, eyebrow or nose pierced is the fear of pain. Frowning parents and troubles at work can be handled but the pain factor seems to scare most of us. There is a solution numbing cream for piercings. While most piercers don’t use it and advise customers to get a piercing without any numbing, most piercees would be much more comfortable if there was anesthesia around.

So how important is numbing cream for piercings? Do we really need to numb an area before piercing? Most of the piercers, especially those who are very strict about their profession (and should probably be the ones to go to) will refuse to work with you when you are under the influence of numbing cream. So, this poses a problem for all of us who bank on numbing sprays/shots to reduce/eliminate the pain but sadly, this is the deal.

But the question is, is numbing cream really necessary? Here is a scale of 1-10, where 1 is minimum and 10 maximum, to give you the appropriate idea of how much pain you will to endure for different body parts.

  • Ears                        – 4/10
  • Navel                    – 6/10
  • Eyebrow              – 6/10
  • Labret                   – 8/10
  • Nostril                   – 7/10
  • Genital                – 10/10
  • Tongue                – 6/10
  • Nipples                – 9/10

Please remember that this scale is not to scare you but you give the general idea of how much pain to expect. It is obvious that anyone going for a nipple, or genital piercing would jump at numbing sprays or ointments, but for that you will have to carry out a complete research and find a piercing studio that uses numbing cream. Or, you kick start the whole process by getting numbing creams for piercings like Dr. Numb™, a numbing cream that is highly recommended for this kind of skin procedure.


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