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Numbing Cream for Injections


No one like to get shots, since we do have different pain thresholds and most especially kids really don’t like Injections just merely saying to them really makes them cry. And as parent you don’t like watching your kids receiving shots since they will be crying out loud and you know the feeling if you are a parent. As much as possible we really don’t like to see our kids on pain or receiving such pain.


But of course, injections like vaccinations are necessary though. Children need their vaccinations and kids with chronic medical problems, like diabetes, need their regular shots of insulin. Dealing with pain from shots is also a problem for children who have to get regular shots of growth hormone, such as girls with Turner Syndrome and other children with growth hormone deficiency, and also kids who get allergy shots.


One way to decrease the pain from immunizations is to simply give fewer shots. That does not mean that your child won’t be fully vaccinated though. Instead you just ask for some of the newer combination shots, which combine two or more vaccines into a single shot.


But if you can’t get rid of the pain, then you can at least try to stop the shot from hurting. This is where a numbing cream, like DR NUMB comes in. When applied to the skin about an hour before shot is given, it will numb the skin and reduce or eliminate any pain the shot might cause.


Available with no prescription at all and it comes as a cream. Parents can apply it at home before going to their Pediatrician to get vaccines or before they are to get other shots. Ask your Pediatrician and review the placement diagram so that you put the DR NUMB cream in the right place. The only down side is that not all Pediatricians actively recommend it and may even consider it to be an inconvenience.




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