Eyebrow Tattooing | topical anesthetics


Q & A by Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professional Andrew Harris.
Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals

Q: Does it hurt?
A: To say there is no discomfort involved is misleading. We use topical anesthetics such as Dr.Numb to pre-numb as well as during the procedures to control the discomfort.
At the end of each procedure I ask my clients to rate their level of discomfort based on a 1-10 level; 1 being nothing and 10 being the white-hot pain of child birth.
On average the feedback has shown:
eyeliner: 5-6
eyebrows: 5

lips: 4-5

In the years I have been using topical anesthetics such as Dr.Numb, I have become very proficient in knowing how and what to layer for the best numbing effect.

Q: How does this differ from tattooing?
A: It doesn’t. Permanent makeup is a cosmetic tattoo. If anyone says differently, they are misinformed or intentionally misleading you. When color is placed in the skin with needles, it’s called a tattoo. Many have tried one loop-hole or another to divert attention away from the fact that this is a tattoo; they attach parfait names for the service but the truth: it is a tattoo. However, just as I am not trained in body art, many tattoo artists are not trained in cosmetics. Just because we both tattoo, my canvas is the face and as such I work in very sensitive, delicate areas which requires a different style of ‘handling’ than traditional body work. For example, if an artist is working on someone’s back, the artist is unaffected if the clients face is grimacing in pain. It’s quite a concern when working on the face; discomfort can make it very difficult, therefore I must control the discomfort my clients feel. Also, body tattoo artists have the luxory of shaving the skin before they tattoo and we do not. Imagine how unhappy my clients would be if i shaved their brows and lashes! Bottom line: it is a tattoo, a specialized tattoo and it is painful.


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